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B+Z Elektronik AG is for 50 years now a manufacturer of industrial electronics with the main focus in the area of rolling stock in railroad vehicles. Our products and services prove themselves for many years in the everyday use with many customers here in Switzerland and abroad. We perform all the steps required to take a product from a concept to a final reliable, high-quality, producible product that meets the customer's requirements

Our Devices meet high demands and expectations

All our products are designed according to the EN 50155 railway standard for high vibration and shock resistance. Fire protection materials used are specifically selected to provide high security in terms of flammability and smoke and toxic gases ensure.
The standard DIN EN 45545-2 defines the requirements that the various parts of the electrical equipment must comply, depending on their location and their mass

We will gladly provide declarations of conformity of our products. Our product specialists will be happy to help.

Overview from our products range::

Below is a brief overview from our products range::

Other queries as well as the related technical documents of our products are directly available under Products search.

For organizational reasons, we do not provide all documents online - please call us for technical documentation on products you can not find online.

For further information on other products, please refer to our product flyer

Relay on competent specialists

As a flexible small business company we offer to our customers high-quality products paired with competent consultation. All works are done by certified employees with a broad range of technical skills daily using professional techniques and tools.

Core competence
Our core competence are customised electronic assemblies and devices in Railroad vehicles.