Electronics development & manufacturing

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Manufacturing electronic devices

Control technology, Technology of Measurement + Regulation, Electronic and mechanical Prototyping, Inhouse mechanical manufacturing

Prototyping and series

We produce within short time
prototypes based on your
specifications or from our
own development crew.

Development and design

Electronic schematic,
Technical documentation,

Mechatronic, Redesign of existing devices, Testing equipment

Maintenance and support

We repair defective
parts professionally

Tradition and innovation in the industrial electronic business

B+Z Elektronik AG B+Z Elektronik AG offers as an independend company for 50 Years now comprehensive services and electronic products for industry and railroad technology in different countries worldwide. We work task and project-oriented and can offer our cooperation according to your individual demands while focusing on cost- effectiveness.

We prove our competence in the areas of electronic devices and control technology as well as with solutions specifically for railroad applications. The vendor independence allows you as customer a collaboration that is tailored to your specific needs, with the approach or solution with the best customer value.

Our customers are receiving from engineering to finished devices solutions which are optimally adapted to the customer requirements. This is possible thanks to many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of electronic devices, supplemented with specific knowledge of electronic applications, and professional project management in Railway business.
Through quality and loyalty we build long-term cooperations with our customers and guarantee with our services a long life of the equipment. All products are developed and manufactured in our company in Switzerland.

Your Benefits

  • Experience for more than 50 Years in railroad specific needs and requirements
  • Flexibility
  • Favorable cost structure - with quality made in Switzerland
  • Individually offered services exactly at your wishes